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Terms & Condition

Terms of services


  1. The store must have a valid Trade License Number with the address.
  2. Being registered under Nene, the store will have the authority to access, maintain and edit their contents on their virtual shop.
  3. The store must be a physical store which is trading mobile phones, tans, and accessories only.
  4. Nene will provide the store with a separate Control Panel to maintain stocks and SKU.
  5. Nene will not charge any commission to the store for their sales.
  6. Nene is not liable for any order collection, processing, product delivery or payment collection from the end users on behalf of the shop owners.
  7. Nene will charge the store BDT 300.00 (Three hundred only) during registration. After the first 6 months of the free trial period, the store will be charged monthly BDT 1000.00 (One thousand only) as a rental. At the completion of the 6th month, the store will need to pay the remaining 6 months’ rental amount total BDT 6000.00 (Six thousand only) at once in advance in favor of Winbiz Digital Limited.